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Borehole Soakaways

deep bore soakaways

Deep bore soakaways are becoming a more popular option on development sites due to the limited space they require, this then frees up valuable land for other uses.

the design

The design of soakaway is key, there are two aspects to the design;

1) The total volume of water to be dispersed, this is calculated by working out the total area of non-permeable material i.e. the roof and drive ways etc.

2) The most appropriate geological formation to target to ensure a successful install.

The design and specification of the soakaway is different for every site, the soakaway will need to be  designed by an engineer or hydrologist and be able to cope with all the surface run off from a site in accordance with building regulation requirements to the site.

Once the soakaway has been installed a percolation test should be carried out so that the infiltration rate can be measured to verify the system design.

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