Drilling Specialists – Borehole & Geothermal Drilling Services

TND Drilling are specialists in the installation of both water bore holes and ground source heat pumps. TND Drilling have the knowledge and flexibility to complete your project from the initial enquiry through to final installation and commissioning of the well or ground source heat pumps (GSHP).

In our ever changing environment we have an increasing list of diverse requests for our drilling rigs, including soakaways, solar ground mount installations, earthing rod installations, ground anchors and piling. We will always try to accommodate every request.

Contact us via our contact form or by calling 01277 841 333 for a chat about your needs.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Installing a ground source heat pump is an intelligent way to reduce heating costs in either domestic, commercial or industrial properties. TND Drilling offer various packages ranging from just the drilling and installation of the ground loop (collectors), all the way through to a turnkey solution for the complete system including the commissioning and handover of the working heat pump.

A typical house would require 1-3 geothermal holes to provide the geothermal energy required. This is dependent on the size of house and its insulation. The hole spacings vary but are typically 10 meters apart and the depth of boreholes is dependent on the geology of the site.

Once the geothermal loops are installed in the borehole the hole is then injected with grout which surrounds the loop. The purpose of the grout is to ensure good surface contact for the transfer of the earth’s heat. The grout also protects the loop and adds stability to the borehole. Each loop is then connected vertically back to the manifold. More info about ground source heat pumps.

Impact Moling (Horizontal Drilling)

We also have a specialist team that carry out horizontal drilling using impact moles or Grundomat moles.

Water Well Drilling & Installation

TND drilling have the equipment and expertise to drill water wells to enable water extraction from depths ranging from 5 meters to in excess of 200 meters below ground level. We can offer advice on the expected extraction rates and expected water quality before drilling commences. We work closely with hydrologists who can also advise on all the finer details and liaise with the environment agency if required for a water abstraction licence. An abstraction licence is only required if more than 20,000 litres 4,500 gallons are to be abstracted daily. More Info.

Our Drilling Operators

TND Drilling work in both the commercial and domestic markets, we have all the equipment and knowledge needed to drill in any geological conditions anywhere in the UK.
We have a very strong knowledgeable team of people that are all trained to bring you a trouble free installation, all lead drillers are NVQ2 certified drilling operatives.
Our typical client base includes M&E Contractors, Builders, Architects, Schools, Farmers, Cemeteries, Mosques, Nurseries, Ministry of Defence, Estates, Golf Clubs, Football Clubs, Supermarkets and Home Owners.

Our Location and Areas of Operation

Our Geothermal Heating Systems and Borehole Drilling Service is available nationwide and to clients all over the UK. We can operate anywhere in the UK, providing geothermal heating systems for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.
We are of course well placed to serve local clients in South East of England including, London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey Kent, Hampshire and Sussex.
In essence, no matter where you are located in the UK we can help.