Impact Moling

Impact Moles work by the displacement of soil enabling the installation of services under roads, car parks and lawns, where digging is not possible or where the reinstatement costs would be too high and the aesthetics cannot be altered.

Impact moles can pull ducts directly behind them in certain ground conditions, for example when the ground is collapsing.

Impact Moling operation

Moles can be fitted with a special ramming cone enabling the pushing of steel ducts under difficult and cohesive soil types. Where the depth of the cover is not suitable for soil displacement, we have a range of moles in stock including Grundomat and Essig moles.

TND’s impact moling capability

We have moles from 35mm to 150mm in diameter.

Our typical installations are on farms and estates where we are moling under roads tracks and gardens that cannot be disturbed.

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