Site Investigation Services

Site investigation services offered by TND Drilling include;

  • Shell and auger drilling (Cable Percussive)
  • De-mountable shell and auger drilling for restricted access sites
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT)
  • Permeability testing
  • Borehole vane testing and packer testing
  • Contamination i.e. fuel, oil, acid
  • Large trial pitting
  • In-situ testing
  • Window sampling and Dynamic probing
  • Continuous flight auger drilling
  • Casing installs up to 12 inch

Cable percussion drilling rigsite investigation using cable percussive/shell and auger drilling

Cable Percussive / Shell and Auger boreholes are common methods of site investigation. Our Shell and Auger rig is transportable with a 4×4 vehicle, meaning that TND Drilling can access most investigation sites and locations.

Our specialist cable percussive rig is suitable for drilling in all types of soils and weak rocks. Furthermore, the tripod rig provides a rapid and cost-effective method of investigation, able to reach depths of up to 80 metres.

The tripod drilling method

As the shell and auger rig is percussive, there is some noise during drilling, both from the engine and weights. The tripod drilling method is relatively tidy; spoil and water can be readily contained within the working area. On completion the borehole is backfilled and the surfacing reinstated, leaving little or no disturbance to the working area.

Disturbed and undisturbed samples from the boreholes are returned for inspection and logging by engineers and subsequent testing in our laboratories. We can also install instrumentation in the boreholes, as required.

Access requirements for the cable percussive rig

We require an operating area of at least 8 x 4 metres for our rig, as, well as the ability to drive directly onto the working area. A tight access service can also be offered when required, meaning that TND Drilling can completely disassemble our rig and walk the individual components through a tight access space i.e. house.

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